Why Blogtrottr?

As the name suggests, we deliver fresh and nutritious news to your inbox. What makes us different? We send you the things you need, at your convenience. Rather than having to constantly scour blogs and websites, (and forget half the ones you follow) we mail you updates from your own personal selection, on schedules that you choose.


PuSH it!

We support PubSubHubbub for super quick notifications - get your emails within seconds, not hours.


Easily digestible

You can have your updates singly and as they happen, or wrapped up in a variety of digests.


Customizable email subjects

Let your email client do the hard work - customisable email subjects allow easy manipulation by your email client.

Item filters

Only get the content you want

Our filters enable you to include or exclude updates based on the item contents.

Share buttons

Sharing is caring

Easily share content with your friends via our selection of social media buttons.

Plain text

Email client friendly

HTML emails too much for your device? No problem, we can serve you up some plain text too.


Digest contents

No need to scroll through a long email to find what you're looking for - our digests come with a table of contents.


Easy come, easy go

Easily export or import your subscriptions to and from other applications via OPML.


Item thumbnails

Optionally enable thumbnails in your emails for a better content preview.


File attachments

Have your updates sent as a PDF, or as plain text or HTML (with embedded images) attachments for easy offline or e-book reading.

Custom templates

Custom email templates

Customisable email templates, so you can have things laid out as you want them.

Digest sort

Order in the Digest!

Control the order your digest items are sorted - by item date or title, any direction you choose.

Sender names

Sender names

Have your updates sent with sender names of your choosing.

Title only

Title only notifications

Just send the title and a link to the item.